our story

This story begins with my mom’s sewing machine. Like many sewists among us, the heirloom skill of sewing has been passed through generations. With a practice of patience and love for the process, I have been sewing since that sunny day when I was eight, and my mom and I began to stitch. 

In between then and now, I hold 20+ years of knowledge and skill from hands-on experience designing and fabricating costumes, formal wear, accessories, and clothes for everyday wear.

I was moved to start coll.cath.conn, because I found myself and many friends around me continually distraught from the system of fast fashion – ill-fitting clothing & disastrous effects from the fashion industry on the environment.

For me, the act of making is a delight. Supporting this company not only delights a local maker, but in turn, this company supports YOU and your dedication to changing the script on how clothing is made. I do hope that our stories can weave together. I look forward to creating something with you, that you will love for many years to come.